Week 1 was full of great workouts and sore, sore muscles. I haven’t had a serious workout in quite some time, so I knew these workouts were going to hit me hard. I’ve always been athletic, played sports, ran a full marathon, but after having my son – he’s currently 15 months old – I’ve taken a huge step back in working out. And by huge step back I mean not really working out at all. Back in the late-winter/early-spring, I felt like it was time to get back into some sort of exercise routine. I ended up joining a softball league, and I was instantly reminded of the love I had for the sport, the competitive nature, and how great you feel after working out. Long story short, when the 60 Day Boot Camp Challenge came about, I knew I had to join in. 60 days is such a doable duration for a challenge and change. Plus, the challenge will wrap up right before Thanksgiving 😊

Here’s what my first week looked like:

TRX, Bosu, and Bands with Dominique

Before the challenge officially started, I tried out a brand new Small Group Training (SGT) session called TRX, Bosu, and Bands taught by Dominique. This was one of the first real workouts I did in a while, and I was so sore for a few days after that. Dominque put together a dynamic class that was broken into three main sections: Bosu work, TRX work, and Band work. We wrapped up with about 10-15 minute of Yoga stretches at the end. We did a Tabata style warm up, and to be honest, I was already feeling the burn during the warm up [insert embarrassed emoji here].

Once we got into the exercises, I felt right at home doing squats with the bosu stability ball, lunges, etc. I really liked how the session was broken up between the TRX, Bosu, and Bands as it felt like you got a ‘break’ of sorts. Have you ever done a cardio workout where you break everything up into segments to get yourself through the workout? “I’m going to run for 10 minutes, so that’s 1 minute 10 times” type of thing? That’s how I felt during the session. I can do 15 minutes of this, then 15 minutes of this, then that, then stretching, then done!

After class I headed to the locker room to shower, and honestly…my legs were already jello trying to walk down the stairs. I’m one of those people who think they can pick right back up in a workout regime where they left up, and that session definitely pulled my unrealistic butt back to reality.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 172

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 74%

Calories Burnt – 510

Open House in Celebration of The Training Zone

This. Demo. Was. So. Much. Hard. Work. But. So. Fun! This was such a cool demo as it gave you a chance to try out HIIT, Smash Circuit, and Ignite in one shot. It was also run by a few instructors, and the energy they all brought was amazing. Jimmy kicked off the session with HIIT that focused on a full body circuit workout. We did chest pressed, crunches, mountain climbers, shoulder exercises, and starfish crunches. I was sweating like crazy by the time we finished up this portion of the demo. Next, Danai kicked our butt with Ignite. Ignite is my favorite Small Group Training (SGT) sessions, no doubt. In Ignite, you have a variety of stations and one of them is the rowing machines. This isn’t a timed circuit where you do the exercises for 1 minute, rest, switch, etc. In Ignite, your work time is determined by how fast the rowers can get to 200 meters, 250 meters, 300 meters, etc. I love anything that has to do with teamwork like this. I could be doing a plank for as long as it takes someone to row 200 meters so you know I’m cheering on those people rowing to get done as quick as possible. After we got through Ignite, we moved on to Smash Circuit. This incorporated the heavy bags, which brings a whole new element to the workout. We still worked in stations, but now we got to hit the heavy bags.

I went into this demo still extremely sore from the TRX, Bosu, and Bands Demo, but I came out of the workout sweaty, happy, and feeling so great. The trainers did a fantastic job switching in-between workouts, had great chemistry amongst each other, the music was loud and motivating, and I kinda wish I could take the demo again.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 222

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 76%

Calories Burnt – 656

Wednesday Night Volleyball

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been active and played some sort of sport. I joined up with some friends to play on an outdoor sand volleyball league, and I’m so happy I did. I haven’t played volleyball in a while, but I love sand volleyball especially because you can pretty much dive all over the place. The first week I played I didn’t wear my MyZone belt, but this week I did. We play three games to 25 (rally style), and at first I was worried about the belt and the sand, but it held up. Oddly enough, it started downpouring during our last game and we all got soaked! My MyZone Belt was drenched, but I hung it up to dry right as I got home. Still works!

HIIT with Maddi

I took Thursday 9:15am HIIT session with Maddi and felt amazing afterwards! I was running a little behind that morning getting my son ready, but I got the class a few minutes early still – I have no clue how that happened though! I walked into the session ready for whatever Maddi threw at me. She put together a killer workout! We warmed up with some walking lunges, walking calf stretches, high knees, butt kicks, etc. After that, she put us right into a great exercise that was 8 reps of a half burpee, single arm row, jump back up, and overhead press. 8 rounds. Your rest was determined on how fast you completed the round. If it took you 20 seconds to complete it, you got 40 seconds of rest. So you could take your time, but your rest would be minimal. I wanted to power through the round and take as much rest as possible.

After that, we did a circuit that was made of 4 rounds comprised of floor work, treadmill, floor work, treadmill. We did a few stations or groups of that. Not going to lie, I loved it. I really though Maddi gave us a phenomenal workout in 1-hour. Her class is on Thursday mornings, and I’m definitely going to be back in there.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 203

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 77%

Calories Burnt – 591