Danai Schnauber

Events by this organizer


30jul9:00 amPilates SculptLocation : Movement ZoneSign In To Enroll

31jul8:15 amSmash and BurnLocation : Gym-Front halfSign In To Enroll

31jul10:15 amBarre FusionLocation : Studio 1Sign In To Enroll


01aug8:30 amCycle-ExpressLocation : Cycle Studio

02aug9:15 amSTRONGERLocation : Training ZoneSign In To Enroll

09aug9:15 amSTRONGERLocation : Training Zone

09aug10:15 amBarre SculptLocation : Movement Zone

14aug8:15 amSmash and BurnLocation : Gym-Front half

14aug10:15 amBarre FusionLocation : Studio 1

15aug8:30 amCycle-ExpressLocation : Cycle Studio

15aug9:00 amCONDITIONLocation : Training Zone

18aug5:30 pmCycle-ExpressLocation : Cycle Studio

21aug8:15 amSmash and BurnLocation : Gym-Front half

21aug10:15 amBarre FusionLocation : Studio 1

22aug8:30 amCycle-ExpressLocation : Cycle Studio

22aug9:00 amCONDITIONLocation : Training Zone

23aug6:30 pmCONDITIONLocation : Training Zone

25aug5:30 pmCycle-ExpressLocation : Cycle Studio