Hello Everyone,

I have just completed my very first week being a part of the 60 Day Challenge!

On Saturday September 22nd, I had the opportunity to jump in on a sampler class of HIIT, Ignite, and Smash Circuit to start off challenge.

I attended a TRX Bosu & Bands class with Dominique, as well as a Cycle class with Wendy. I loved that these are two completely different workouts but during each one I reached my maximum heart rate multiple times. I love using the MYZONE belt it is very motivational and I feel that I can push harder through my workouts just by having the belt on!

I have also hit the weekly goal that I have set for myself through the MYZONE belt, so I will increase the goal for week 2.

I am looking forward to week 2 of the challenge and hope to see everyone joining me! 🙂