Last week wasn’t a ‘good’ week for me in terms of working out. I felt the initial ‘my muscles are so sore right now, how can I get these workouts in…’ to having my seasonal allergies flare up badly, I knew I wanted to start Week 2 of the challenge off right. I signed up for this HIIT session knowing I could start the week off with a great workout.

Rachael had a really good mix of exercises, and we worked our entire bodies. We broke out in to two groups and did 1 minute on then some rest. We did some squats with a press, battle rope works, planks – modified for me! – using the bosu stability ball, and agility ladder work. Oh!, and we did ball slams and crunches. Rachael ran a well rounded session, offered modifications, and kept the energy high. She was pushing us to get that one last rep in or to keep going when you felt like giving up. For me, the battle rope work is always so challenging and exhausting, so I definitely needed her motivation during those rounds.

I left that session on a high note, and believe it or not, I didn’t feel as sore post-workout. I think those first initial workouts during Week 1 got me back into the proverbial saddle.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 185

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 77%

Calories Burnt – 544

– Ashley