Oy, where do I start? We’re now a little over a week into the challenge and although the workouts are tough, it’s harder for me to carve out the time. I’m trying my best to make these SGT classes a priority but it’s been tough! You’d think working at a health club I’d be busting calories whenever possible, right? Nope. My brain is constantly swirling with tasks on my ‘to do’ list – both work and life-related so I find myself putting many other tasks above my workout-routine. I get a little OCD/anxious when I have a laundry list of tasks but I need to focus on pacing myself – can’t do everything at once! 

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me so I need to mentally prepare myself one-day-at-a-time. I go through cycles when I’m exercising 5-6 times a week or as little as 1x a week. Depends on how busy life is! Currently, I’m taking each day as it comes and carving out the time, packing my gym bag and prepping myself each night so I’m fully prepared – no excuses! 

Workouts I accomplished this week:


Saturday, 9/23 – Open House in Celebration of The Training Zone

This sampler class that kicked off the challenge was SO hard – but worth it. All the trainers pushed us to our limits and gave us a little taste of some of the SGT classes we were able to take during the challenge. I’m a fan of each of the classes I’ve taken so far but really loved IGNITE. This was my first time using my MyZone belt in a packed class and it was really motivating to see my stats up on the board! I kept peeking to make sure I was in the ‘red-zone’.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 239

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 63%

Calories Burnt – 785

Monday, 9/24 – Treadmill Intervals (Independent workout!)

I wasn’t able to get to a class but wanted to get my heart moving so I hopped on a treadmill after work. I only did 25 minutes but was happy I forced myself to MOVE!

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 54

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 66%

Calories Burnt – 177

Wednesday, 9/26 – Treadmill Intervals (Independent workout…again!) 

Again, I wasn’t able to get to a class but wanted to get my heart moving so I did some run/walk intervals on the treadmill with some light weights and stretching for almost an hour.

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 112

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 68%

Calories Burnt – 368

Thursday, 9/27 – TRX, Bosu & Bands

Lauren and I were jealous of Ashley taking this class so we decided to give it a try! All I can say is I need to work on my BALANCE! This class was great and I loved incorporating all the different ‘tools’. The TRX bands look so simple from afar but they are HARD! I could tell you all about it but you’ll just have to try for yourself 🙂 

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 160

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 64%

Calories Burnt – 499

Friday, 9/28 – Quick Treadmill Workout

I planned on getting to cycle with Lauren this AM but got sucked into doing some work so I decided to just hit the treadmill for a little. Nothing too extreme but a quick 45 minute workout. 

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 80

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 61%

Calories Burnt – 267

Saturday, 9/29 – Barre with Ashley at Elevate

I’m a barre lover so I had to make it over to Ashley Layne’s last class over at Elevate (insert crying emoji here!). For those who don’t know barre, it’s ballet-based filled with light weights and pulsing movements that BURN! We usually start with a warm-up / upper-body exercise (weights, push-ups, etc.) then move over to the barre using our own body weight for resistance – LOTS of thigh and glutes! I hadn’t been to class in a few weeks due to busy saturday–schedules so this really kicked my butt but I was so happy I made it. Definitely felt it on Sunday. 

MyZone Stats:

MEPs – 121

Average Effort (% of Max HR) – 59%

Calories Burnt – 411