Small Group Training

All Sport offers Small Group Training (SGT) classes for those who love an intense, productive workout but benefit most from an intimate group setting.


A more economical option than a personal trainer, our small group training programs can be purchased individually or in a class package by members or non-members. Our small group training programs utilize the MyZone Performance Tracking technology. Regular participants are highly encouraged to purchase their own monitor or you are welcome to use one of ours with the purchase of your session.

Meta Burn

A total body workout that will have you reach an intensity level to keep heart rates in a target zone that increases metabolism and energy. Circuit training combined with dynamic bodyweight exercises to strengthen, tone and shred.

Strike & Chisel

Upper and lower body striking and kicking on boxing bags. Stations of strength based exercises utilizing weighted slam balls, kettlebells, dumb bells, ropes and more.

Shred Slam Sprint

A power packed workout with 20 minutes of total body boxing then packed with high intensity Amraps, ladder drills and sprints. On Saturday added Tabatta drills and an extra core burn.

Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell instruction for first 20 minutes of class with focus on multiple planes of motion exercises, followed by a total body interval workout with some partner training drills where both partners have to complete the repetitions of the exercise before moving on to the next.

Power Hour

A full packed hour of strength based drills utilizing Medicine balls, Kettlebells, dumb bells and more. This workout is geared to build lean muscle and increase your cardiovascular system.


Workouts designed by using free weights and other modalities to challenge a variety of movements as well as isolate specific muscles. Sculpt your body and make you overall “ Stronger”.

Gut Blaster

High Intensity interval training workout with circuit stations, fun drills such as Amraps, Emoms, Tabatta and chippers. Also with loads of core based exercises to focus on core strength and stability, and designed to tone the stomach area.

TRX Blast

This workout covers every major muscle group utilizing TRX straps, Bosus, bands, weights and gliders. Open to all fitness levels. Workout includes High intensity interval training and tabatta drills.


Mix up your style and challenge your flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, cardio, muscle strength, and power. We’ll be working in various work-to-rest ratios to increase aerobic and muscular endurance. Modalities including mid-level weights, Bosu’s, battle ropes or kettlebells and cardio equipment. Condition is a total body, heart pumping, anaerobic workout combining body weight and functional strength equipment to increase our max threshold and challenge our endurance.

What does it cost?

A session is as low as $10 per class. As a member, you can purchase one class for $15, 10 classes for $120 or 20 classes for $200.
Non-members can also participate.

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    Please Note: Must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Local residents only with current local ID. Offer must be activated within 48 hours of scheduled request.


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