Hi everyone!!!

I hope you are enjoying the last couple of days of summer weather. I am not ready for the cold!

I wanted to take a run last night with my dog but it started to pour. I am feeling extra sore this week as I took HIIT with Zach on Monday morning at 9:15am – highly recommend. Zach is very good at knowing which workouts target muscles that you often forget you have. I am currently signed up to take Danai’s Ignite class this upcoming Sunday at 10:00am, I would love if everyone could join me! The best thing that this challenge has shown me is that working out and staying active brings positive vibes and attitudes into my life. Although, during the workouts I do not feel this way but afterwards I appreciate the vibes that working out does for myself and my body. Hope to see you at Ignite on Sunday!!! 🙂