Yoga, Barre, and Pilates



Yoga is a great way to improve your concentration, clear your mind and develop muscle strength and stamina. It’s the perfect escape from everyday stress. A gentle form of exercise that seeks to unite mind, body, and spirit. The focus is on long stretches in various yoga postures, combined with slow, deep breathing. Energize your body, improve flexibility and reduce back pain. Suitable for all levels. All yoga classes are included with your membership.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed for members with limited abilities of holding regular poses, getting down and up off the floor. Must sign up prior to taking the class.

Energy Flow

Energy Flow is a class design to create fluid movement with a concentration on energy flow coordinated with the breath. Barbara will always start with breathing techniques to engage the practitioner with their life force (the breath) and allow for a different meditation of thought which is usually themed on the concentration of the class – usually based on one of the subtle energy centers of the body and psyche (chakras), i.e., the heart center (upward facing back bends), the solar plexus (strengthening warrior series of poses), the throat (focusing on personal expression) etc.

Gentle Yoga

Slow things down a bit and gradually work your way into the postures. Transitions are kept simple and modifications are given to help you adapt the practice to your unique body. Suitable for all levels.

Rise and Shine Yoga

Start your day with a burst of energy and joy in this class designed for all levels of yoga practitioners. Includes breath work, deep stretching and traditional yoga poses to strengthen and cleanse the mind and body.

Restorative Yoga

A sequence of only 5 or 6 poses supported by props, held for 5-10 minutes each. These poses allow the person to fully relax and restore. The poses include child’s pose, gentle twists, seated forward folds and gentle back bends. Think of this class as an active restorative that takes patience, practice, and most of all, letting go.

Space and Stability Yoga

This class is designed for all levels and is appropriate for practicing either on a yoga mat or chair. Practice focus is on awareness and alignment, to improve balance and stability, and on opening spaces which feel tight due to emotional and or physical factors. All stretches and poses can be modified to suit any level of practice.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is an all-levels class that incorporates 2 lb. hand weights to increase the opportunity for toning, muscular demand, and effort. The hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes. Yoga Sculpt also guarantees to get your blood flowing through your muscles in a way that leaves you feeling leaner and stronger.


The Yoga Wall is like having a partner in your practice any time you want one. Postures range from gently supported to deep backbends and inversions, according to the level of the class. The wall straps can help you tweak your alignment or create traction to relieve back pain and muscle stiffness. Suitable for all levels. All yoga classes are included with your membership.


This class moves at a slower pace, giving you time to settle into the postures and pay attention to your breath. The wall straps assist the postures with support and resistance, and help to gently traction the spine. All Level Class.

Gentle Chair

This 60 minute class relieves pressure and allows the muscles to lengthen and release without tension or stress. Great for those with stiff, tight muscles, hips and joints. All ages and levels of practice are welcome and encouraged. This class incorporates a chair, the yoga wall, and a variety of other props. 


Learn to use the Wall straps to create body awareness and postural alignment through support and traction. This is geared toward those who are either new to Yoga , but would also be good for those who would like to slow down and fine-tune alignment. Level 1 Class.

Stretch and Release

Anchor your pose and expand your movement with agility and lightness. Release, renew and enjoy the advantage of using our many props, and extended hold and breath, to rejuvenate the body and soul. Level 2 Class.


Use the Yoga Wall to help support and enhance your established Yoga practice. The straps will help you hold postures longer, release tension, improve strength and flexibility, and connect more fully to your breath. Level 2 Class.


Find an inner place of awareness as you move your body and breath and settle the mind using more advanced posture. Level 3 Class.



Barre combines movements from ballet, yoga, and pilates to improve your strength, balance, and mobility while sculpting your body. All barre classes are included with your membership.


A non-impact, total mind body workout that combines light weights, intense lower body work at the barre and an abdominal workout

Barre Fusion

Join us for a total body barefoot sculpting class. You will roll out your mat and utilize props such as bands, weights, magic circle and more all set to an upbeat playlist. Come sculpt, lengthen and flow in this low impact fusion class. All levels welcome!

Barre HIIT
Barre Hiit is an upbeat fusion class adding cardio bursts into our low impact traditional thigh and glute barre exercises.   Barre Hiit will elevate your heart rate, helping you burn calories faster while strengthening and toning your entire body. Class will focus on cardio core, in-depth body weight movement and a lengthening cool down to bring our heart rates back down to earth.  



This body conditioning routine helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles. It also focuses on the eight principles of Pilates: concentration, centering, control, precision, breathing, alignment, flow, and integration. Improve your strength, coordination, and balance from the core out. In our Pilates classes, every day is legs, abs, arms, hips, and back day. All pilates classes are included with your membership.


Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.

Pilates Core

Develop core strength using rollers, rings, and bands. Appropriate for all levels.

Pilates Challenge

Intensive Pilates choreography that builds from core basics. Knowledge of basic Pilates required.

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion is a mat based Pilates workout focusing on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body awareness. The class will work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles while giving you a full body workout. This high energy class utilizes the magic circle, theraband, small ball, light weights and roller to help sculpt the body as well as increase strength and range of motion. The class is fun and fluid- a great compliment to any mind/body practice!


If you are looking to improve your range of motion, this is the class for you! Accessing yoga and dance training techniques as well as using weights, straps and blocks we will safely explore ways to increase mobility. All levels are welcome but be ready to work hard, we’ll get long AND strong!

Total Body Fusion

Join us for a total body barefoot sculpting class. You will roll out your mat and utilize props such as bands, weights, magic circle and more all set to an upbeat playlist. Come sculpt, lengthen and flow in this low impact fusion class. All levels welcome!


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