Outdoor Oasis

All Sport offers a complete outdoor experience right at your fingertips.


Think of our Outdoor Club as an all-family resort, close to home. We’ll help your summer be as relaxing or action-packed as you’d like. Swing that racket or relax by the pool, hit the jogging trail, sip a smoothie on the deck or watch the kids splish-splash in the pool and play on the playground. Hang at the gaga pit, enjoy live music when the season is right, all at All Sport’s Outdoor Club area.



All Sport Health and Fitness has three outdoor temperature-controlled pools and hot tub. Whether you’re looking to focus on your workout in the lap pool, separate yourself with Adult or Kids Only swimming  – we have something for all swimmers!



For those who love our fuel cafe menu, enjoy our poolside service with our new, fresh menu and fresh ingredients cooked on-premises along with an outdoor bar and music. What else do you need?



2 Outdoor Basketball Courts

4 Tennis Courts*

Gaga Pit

Pickle Ball

*Reserve the outdoor tennis court up to 2 days before. Reservations can be made at the inside Front Desk.



GaGa Ball provides a fun way to develop skills that can be applied to other sports. It incorporates agility, dodging, jumping and striking. This provides great exercise, as players must continually move to avoid being hit by the ball. The game effectively levels the playing field because no one is guaranteed to win every time. Strategy, luck, finesse and even teamwork are important components to GaGa Ball. This allows children, who struggle in more traditional sports, to excel at GaGa Ball; while promoting physical activity.

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