While our team is working hard to set-up virtual workouts from All Sport trainers and instructors, we are trying our best to pass along as many resources to our members as possible.

LesMills instructor, Karin Stroud, has been doing her part in compiling LesMills workouts that our members can utilize to keep their energy up while at home.

We previously sent out a link to LesMills On Demand with 95 free workouts across eight categories which you can find here.

Below you’ll find an additional list of workouts that will help you keep those bodies strong outside of All Sport.


“All of the Les Mills programs are made by leading fitness professionals using the latest scientific research to create programs that get you the results you want. Each program has options for everyone, whether they are just starting out or an athlete or somewhere in between. I know they are safe for me and everyone taking my classes. I always say that if it’s not fun, you won’t want to do it and the Les Mills classes are really fun. They keep you coming back for more and more! You’re smiling, sweating and burning tons of calories and the next thing you know, class is over.” – Karin Stroud, All Sport Health & Fitness LesMills Instructor

Regarding Karin’s classes, “SH’BAM is such a fun dance workout for everyone where you come as you are and leave feeling like a star! I burn up to 600 calories in SH’BAM. LesMills Tone is a total body workout for everyone with Cardio, Strength Training, Balance, Core and Stretch. I burn up to 650 calories in Tone.”

We hope you take advantage of these at-home workouts and we look forward to seeing you in our LesMills classes when we’re back in the club.

Stay strong and stay connected.